Have You Longed to Have that Full Six Pack (Men) or to Have Lean Hips and Thighs (Women)?  Or to Gain Muscle and Strength While Losing Body Fat at the Same Time?  If So….Read On


From: The Desk of Lyle McDonald
July 1st, 2014

Dear frustrated trainee,

Have you been stymied by previous attempts to get as lean as you wanted?  Are you a man who just can’t seem to get their abs to show, or a woman who gets lean everywhere but below the waist?

Or have you tried in the past, following the standard (and wrong) advice about how to gain muscle and strength while leaning out, only to be let down by the lack of results (MOST people just end up spinning their wheels following the normal advice)?

Or maybe you’re a physique competitor who has had problem with all of the above on top of losing too much muscle getting into contest shape.

I understand, I do.  I spent years fighting my own tendencies to hold fat around my middle and was always looking for solutions.  Like you I tried it all.  But very little of it worked.  So I kept looking.    Of course, I had the advantage of a background in physiology and access to the Medical library.  It took me years but I found solutions that work.

Today I’m going to tell you about two of them, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 and The Stubborn Fat Solution, slightly different (but complimentary) approaches to the issue of losing stubborn fat once and for all (The Ultimate Diet 2.0 will show you how to gain muscle while losing fat).

I’ve bundled them together to give you an unstoppable one-two punch in the war against stubborn fat, muscle loss and all of the other problems inherent to getting really lean…

The TRUTH About Gaining Muscle While Losing Fat
That Most Won’t Tell You

Professional bodybuilders have long claimed to do amazing things during their contest diet such as maintain their weight (meaning they are gaining as much muscle as they are losing fat) or even increasing their weight while losing fat.  This has given trainees all kinds of unrealistic expectations for years.

  • The TRUTH is that elite athletes have genetic advantages that you and I simply don’t have.
  • The TRUTH is that often the claims made in the magazines are fake in the first place, meant to sell you expensive supplements.
  • The REAL TRUTH is that professional bodybuilders use an array of powerful repartitioning drugs such as steroids, clenbuterol, growth hormone and others that allow them to achieve things that simply cannot be achieved naturally.

But they all give the same tired advice about training, diet, doing 30 minutes of cardio after your workouts (to “Burn fat” after you “Build muscle”) and it simply doesn’t work.  On this page, you’ll learn about how this goal can be accomplished but only through a systematically integrated approach of nutrition and training that I’ve put together into a program called The Ultimate Diet 2.0 (UD2).

The UD2 is based around the science of calorie partitioning, essentially allowing you to control where calories are pulled from (i.e. fat cells) and where they go (i.e. back into muscle).  You’ll learn more about calorie partitioning later.  First I want to show you some of the results that people have gotten from the UD2.


Sporto Bodybuilding Montage“As a natural bodybuilder, I’m constantly looking for the latest “cutting edge” information that can take my physique to the next level.  Ever since working with Lyle and using his sound training and nutrition advice, my physique has dramatically improved year after year by simply applying the knowledge he has given me.  I’ve since been able to turn professional in bodybuilding as a natural!  Thanks Lyle!”

Tommy Jeffers, All-Natural IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Anne Ultimate Diet 2.0 Before and AfterWeight: -6.2 lbs, Waist: -1 inch, Hips: – 2.5 inches,
Thigh: -1.5 inches, Bicepss: +.5 inches

“I’d been warned that, by using conventional dieting methods, I’d likely lose hard-earned muscle mass from my upper body and end up looking skeletal, while attempting to whittle away at the long-held stubborn fat on my lower body. On the contrary, with The Ultimate Diet 2.0, I was relieved to see not only the preservation of existing lean body mass, but also noticeable upper body gains, while fat loss on my lower body was well underway.

This book offers a detailed explanation of both the science and the process; I learned not only “how”, but also “why”. While the schedule and diet plans are strict and precise, variations are offered that allowed me to align the plan with my scheduling challenges and family obligations. The workouts and meal plans are varied enough to prevent boredom, while allowing me to partake in normal social events and enjoy most of my favourite foods without feeling deprived. UD2 isn’t easy, and requires discipline, but tangible results from week to week made it easy to stay motivated and compliant.”

- Anne, Canada


The Truth  About Stubborn Fat and
How to Get Rid of It

There’s almost as much nonsense written about stubborn fat (generally abs and low back for men and hips and thighs for women) and how to lose it as there is on how to gain muscle while losing fat.  Here’s some more difficult truths that you need to accept if you ever want to reach your goals.

  • The TRUTH is that stubborn fat is physiologically different than the rest of the fat in your body.  It responds to exercise and diet differently which is what makes it stubborn.
  • The TRUTH is that men’s ab/low back fat is even distinct from women’s hip and thigh fat. The approaches that often work for men simply fail miserably for women (this is a problem because most coaches are men and what works for them doesn’t work for their female athletes).
  • The TRUTH is that with the right approach of nutrition, specific protocols and even certain supplements, stubborn fat can be targeted and removed in a more effective way.

I spent a decade researching the topic of stubborn fat, what makes it stubborn and how to get rid of it.   Because as it turns out there is an immense amount of scientific research on stubborn fat (most of it is from France, the folks who “discovered” cellulite; the French are simply body fat crazy) and delving into it for those long 10 years allowed me to develop targeted approaches that strip off stubborn fat like nothing else.


Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Lyle McDonald - Author Ultimate Diet 2.0 and Stubborn Fat SolutionBefore I continue, let me introduce myself: my name is Lyle McDonald.  I’ve been called many things over the years including The Fat Loss King and the Fat Loss Guru.  I’ve dedicated over 20 years of my life to finding solutions to the problems of fat loss, muscle gain and improving athletic performance.

But I believe in science and evidence.  I’ve spent years and endless hours combing the scientific literature looking for answers and I’m known for being able to take that research and put it in an applied and easy to understand way.

The books I’ve written (all 7 of them) have changed the way people look at the topics of fat loss, muscle gain and overall sports nutrition and many of the “new” ideas that are currently becoming popular are things I wrote about years and years ago.


Here’s what another top coach in the field has to say about me and the books I”m going to tell you about today.

Borge“Lyle McDonald is known in the industry for being able to sift through the most advanced and recent research on human physiology, and then distill it all into simple and effective methods which truly works! That is the true hallmark of a great writer in my opinion. Where most people who want to diet to extremely low body fat levels face the challenges of losing muscle and feeling like crap, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is a set of guidelines for a specific, integrated dieting and training program which will allow you to lose fat safely and effectively, while not only retaining muscle but in many cases BUILD muscle and strength!

I’ve used The Ultimate Diet 2.0 to achieve the best conditioning of my life in national bodybuilding competitions, and on a multitude of clients in bodybuilding, fitness, and sports where functional muscle mass with low body fat is just the advantage they need to beat their competition. Make no mistake, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is a tough program and requires you to adhere to a strict setup (although suggestions for alternate schedules are included), but the results you will achieve will be dramatic and beyond your expectations!” -Borge (aka Blade) – Norway – MyoRevolution



Heard Enough Already?


Purchase the Ultimate Diet 2.0/Stubborn Fat Bundle Now

For only $47, you’ll get the original Ultimate Diet 2.0, The Stubborn Fat Solution along with the brand new UD2 Addendum with it’s break in-cycle, full diet break, ending cycle and updated information on using the UD2 for powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

With a 60 day 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, You Have Nothing to Lose

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These Programs Aren’t For Everyone

I would love to tell you that gaining muscle while losing fat, or even stripping off the last bits of stubborn fat was EASY.  But that would be untrue.  The Ultimate Diet 2.0, which you’ll learn more about shortly is not an easy program.  It’s highly structured and takes a lot of work.  But if YOU put in the work, it works like nothing you’ve ever done before.  But I’d be lying if I said it were easy.

Even the protocols and dietary approaches in The Stubborn Fat Solution take work.  The reality is that taking off the last bits of stubborn fat takes attention to your diet, specific training protocols and not everyone is going to be cut out for it.  Most people will tell you that they have an easy way to get that six pack or the lean lower body you’ve always wanted but, let’s face facts: if it were EASY everyone would do it.  Once again, The Stubborn Fat Solution protocols work better than anything you’ve ever done but only if YOU put in the work.

Here’s what Borge Fagerli, who I introduced you to above had to say about The Stubborn Fat Solution; similar comments could be made about The Ultimate Diet 2.0.

“This book is NOT for people who only want to get rid of a little flab around their waist, this is a book for individuals who are already lean but struggling to get that last bit of stubborn body fat off to reach the pinnacle of conditioning for a competition, photoshoot and let’s be honest here – pure vanity. True to its name, The Stubborn Fat Solution is the product of Lyle McDonald’s years and years of research into why stubborn fat cells are so stubborn, and how to once and for all get rid of it.

The book first delves into the physiology, where mechanisms on the micro-level is explained in simple layman’s terms, and then transitions into specific dieting, supplementation and training rules – providing you with four different protocols proportionally increasing in brutal intensity – AND effectiveness. I have been fortunate enough to try out these methods on both myself and a selection of athletes and lifters as part of Lyle’s research for the book, and although you might be filled with an intense hate for the name Lyle McDonald when you shed blood, tears and sweat to make it through one the protocols of this madman, you will praise his name when you finally see that last bit of fat around your waist, hips and legs vanishing before your eyes.” Borge (aka Blade) – Norway – MyoRevolution


Let Me Tell You About the Two Books in This Package

 I gave you a little bit of background on the two products in my Ultimate Leanness package and now I want to tell you a little bit more about each.  As I mentioned, the Ultimate Diet 2.0 and Stubborn Fat Solution (the two books you get as part of this package) take slightly different but complimentary approaches to the goal of helping you achieve the leanness you’ve always desired (and that no OTHER program could provide).

The books share some information (and two of the Stubborn Fat Solution protocols are utilized in the Ultimate Diet 2.0 to begin with) but contain distinct programs and I want to tell you a little bit about each one.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 came out of my experience with Dan Duchaine’s Bodyopus diet which itself derived from his and Michael Zumpano’s original Ultimate Diet.  Faced with the reality that most natural bodybuilders lose muscle dieting down to contest levels, and having decided that Bodyopus was actually inferior in many ways to the original, I set out to not only update the original but also to make it work in a more life-friendly 7-day cycle (the original UD was a 10 day cycle and that just doesn’t fit anybody’s schedule).  That was along with bringing it up to date with modern developments in nutritional and exercise science.

The goals of the Ultimate Diet 2.0 were manyfold, including:

  • Help Lean Dieters Get Leaner: The UD2 is not for the average dieter.  Men should be about 12% bodyfat and women 18% before even considering the problem.  This is a diet for people who want to get towards the lower limits of human body fat (about 4-5% for men and 11-12% for women).   And yes, physique athletes have used the Ultimate Diet 2.0 to get into contest shape.
  • Limit muscle mass loss: naturals tend to lose a lot of muscle mass dieting down to single digits.  Preventing muscle loss is crucial on a diet for a number of reasons including appearance and preventing big drops in metabolic rate (which slows fat gain).
  • Allow trainees to gain muscle and strength:   Of course, the ultimate goal is to gain muscle and strength while losing fat. While it’s not universal, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 allows many to do exactly that.

Now many approaches have claimed to do all of the above but most have failed in that goal.  Where most approaches go wrong is trying to “build muscle” and “lose fat” at the same time, without realizing that optimizing either goal requires a completely different hormonal and physiological environment.  It simply causes people to spin their wheels.

In contrast, the Ultimate Diet 2.0 uses an integrated system of training, nutrition (and supplements) which includes:

  • A low-carb strict dieting phase: a combination of low calories and low-carbohydrates coupled with high repetition depletion training.  This ensures maximal fat mobilization and burning to strip off fat at the fastest rate.
  • An anabolic rebound phase: a short phase of high calories and carbohydrates coupled with a one-two combination of tension and power training to rebuild and increase muscle mass.  This period also helps to minimize the metabolic slowdown that occurs with non-cyclical diets.
  • Three Different Types of Training: Depletion (high-rep/short-rest), tension (medium-rep/medium-rest) and power (low-rep/long-rest) training are all used during the weekly cycle but are synchronized with the different dietary approaches for optimal results.
  • Specific Supplements: Specific nutritional supplements are used in conjunction with the different phases of the diet, again synchronized for optimal (dare I say ULTIMATE) results.

Basically, the UD2 alternate short dieting phases with short growth phases but even they are integrated and sequenced so that each mini-cycle builds off the previous one.  The anabolic rebound only works coming out of the dieting phase, and the dieting phase works best coming out of the anabolic rebound (which resets any metabolic slowdown).

To say that it worked in achieving all the goals I had set out for it would be an understatement.  Users of UD2 leaned out, lost fat without huge plateaus and gained muscle and strength.  Even athletes were able to use modifications (described in detail in the book) to lean out while maintaining performance (for powerlifting, Olympic lifting or even endurance sports) and set PR’s at a new lower bodyweight.  There are even modifications to the UD2 for performance athletes; body powerlifters and Olympic lifters have used the diet to lean out while maintaining strength or setting PR’s.  There is an endurance athlete option and, of course, a cycle that uses the UD2 structure to gain muscle mass while keeping fat gains to a minimum.

You can’t really ask for much more than that; these are the results that lots of programs promise but almost none delivers.  The Ultimate Diet 2.0 delivers.  Here are some more real world results from the program.

Bryan Hayes UD2“After countless cycles of cutting and bulking, I found myself exactly where I started: 197 pounds and a high bodyfat percentage. The traditional approaches to cutting and bulking were just not working for me, at which point, I found Lyle’s Ultimate Diet 2.0. After implementing UD2.0 for 12 Weeks (4 Weeks on, 2 off, and 6 more on), I went from 197 pounds at 14-16% bodyfat, to 179 pounds at 7% bodyfat.

The diet was incredible for maintaining lean body mass, shedding bodyfat, and increasing strength in the gym. The book lays out exactly what to do and when to do it. If you follow Lyle’s plan, you cannot fail in your quest to get lean while retaining lean muscle mass. The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is just that: The Ultimate Diet. I will never diet any other way”

B. Hayes – Washington, D.C.

Jazz UD2

I used Lyle’s Ultimate Diet 2.0 to drop from 171 and 23% body fat to 145 and 9%.  I also designed the cover.

J. Kalsi – United Kingdom


But the Ultimate Diet 2.0 is only the first part of my One-Two Ultimate Leanness Program.


The Stubborn Fat Solution

For years, the problem of “stubborn fat” has plagued dieters.  Men have the worst time getting their abs and low-back area to lean out and women have had a nearly impossible time getting their hips and thighs as lean as they wanted.   It isn’t uncommon to see women with just shredded upper bodies, delts and abs for days but with fat hips and thighs.  As Bodybuilding Guru Dan Duchaine once put it “It was like you stapled two different bodies together” it looked so different.

The problem of stubborn fat plagued me for over a decade, as I delved deep into the scientific literature looking for not only the reasons that made stubborn fat stubborn but for solutions to get rid of it.  Because, as it turns out, stubborn fat areas are stubborn because their actual physiology is different.   For example, stubborn fat cells:

  • Have decreased blood flow: If you have stubborn fat areas, put your hand on them.  They probably feel cold.  This is because there is less blood flow into stubborn fat areas.   This makes it more difficult to get fat mobilizing hormones to the fat cells in the first place on top of making it difficult to get the fat back out to be burned.
  • Store Different Fatty Acids: Our diet provides saturated and unsaturated fatty acids which turn out to be harder or easier (respectively) to get out of fat cells.  Among everything else, stubborn fat stores more saturated fat (why it sometimes “feels” different) than unsaturated fat and that’s yet another reason it’s harder to mobilize for burning.
  • Stubborn Fat Responds Differently to Hormones:  A variety of hormones impact on whether or not fat cells release or store fat; this includes insulin, the catecholamines (adrenaline/noradrenaline) and many others.  As it turns out, stubborn fat cells respond differently to these signals than other fat cells in the body.  Overall they store fat more easily and are very resistant to releasing fat. This is a double whammy.

It even turns out that, in women moreso than men, it’s possible to mobilize fat from the upper body and store it back in the lower body.  For years female dieters claimed that their upper bodies were leaning out as their thighs got fatter and it turns out to be TRUE!

But All Is Not Lost

Once I had all of the pieces of the puzzle on WHY stubborn fat was stubborn, I was able to go further and devise targeted strategies to get rid of it.  That meant optimizing the three aspects of losing fat which are

  • Mobilization: Actually getting the fat out of the fat cell, made more difficult by everything I discussed above.
  • Transport: Once mobilized, fat has to move through the bloodstream until it encounters a tissue that can do the final step.
  • Oxidation: The actual burning of the fat in skeletal muscle or liver.

Although the steps are related, I treated them more or less individually and looked for ways to enhance or optimize all three to get rid of stubborn fat once and for all.  That included targeted approaches to:

  • Diet: By altering your macronutrient intake in specific ways, you can enhance fat mobilization in the cell itself and burning in skeletal muscle and liver.
  • Training: I created 4 specific protocols (two of which are used in the original Ultimate Diet 2.0 and two of which are new) specifically designed to overcome stubborn fat’s normal resistance to mobilization, transport and oxidation.  You’ve probably seen variants on this in other places but everyone stole it from me in the first place.
  • Supplements: Although in no way REQUIRED, there are specific dietary supplements that can ehnance the mobilization, transport or oxidation of stubborn fat.  Again, they aren’t required but, when used, they do help.

And more.  You’ll learn everything there is to know about stubborn fat in the book including detailed discussions of the physiology involved, how hormones affect fat patterns, how exercise impacts on the different steps of fat loss and more.  I left no question unanswered but I bet there’s one that’s nagging at you that I’ll answer in a moment.  First some more results from the program.

Sporto Back Double Biceps Pose“By using the protocols for stubborn fat loss outlined in this book, I was able for the first time ever to go into a competition with split hamstrings and striated glutes to win my pro card!”

Tommy Jeffers, IFPA Pro Bodybuilder, Mr. Natural Indiana

Pattie Bodybuilding Show

In 2004- 2005 Lyle McDonald coached me as a competitive power lifter. During our time together I decided I wanted to also compete in Bodybuilding. Albeit not optimal he said it could be done, and that perhaps I could compete in a lighter weight class.

Lyle worked closely with me on my diet and strength training. I indeed did both and set PR’s in a lighter weight class to boot.  Lyle has influenced me more than anyone in the strength and conditioning field. I would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their training or change the way they look and feel.

- Pattie Farley, CSCS, USAW-CC, CPT.  Co-Owner Grass Iron Gym, Austin, Tx.


I’ve Already Heard Enough


Purchase the Ultimate Diet 2.0/Stubborn Fat Bundle Now

For only $47, you’ll get the original Ultimate Diet 2.0, The Stubborn Fat Solution along with the brand new UD2 Addendum with it’s break in-cycle, full diet break, ending cycle and updated information on using the UD2 for powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

With a 60 day 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, You Have Nothing to Lose

Note: Once you’ve made your purchase, you should be taken to a download page to get your files as well as receiving an email from  1ShoppingCart with download links.  However, these sometimes get lost or spam trapped.  If they haven’t arrived within 5-10 minutes of purchase, please contact me.


Why Should You Choose The Ultimate Diet Over The Stubborn Fat Solution or Vice Versa?

As I mentioned earlier, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 and The Stubborn Fat Solution share a lot of concepts (which is why they make up the ultimate One-Two punch for getting lean) but they are distinct programs.  A question that comes up and that I imagine you’re asking yourself is what the difference between the programs are and why you might choose on another.  Here’s the answer.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 really as as its primary goal losing fat while gaining muscle and strength.  Towards that goal it is an integrated system of training, nutrition and supplements to optimize the different phases of the week.  It is highly structured for that reason and basically mandates that people change every aspect of their diet and training programs.  For people who can or are willin to do that, it generates impossibly good results.

But not everyone can or will do that.  For people who are already on a training program that is right for them or who know that they can’t change their diet to the extreme that the Ultimate Diet 2.0 requires, the protocols in The Stubborn Fat Solution are the better choice.

Basically, The Stubborn Fat protocols are more flexible and are meant to be integrated into whatever dietary and training program you’re already on.  Mind you, the information in The Stubborn Fat Solution also won’t let you gain muscle while you lean out.  But if you don’t care about that, The Stubborn Fat protocols are probably the better choice.

Before showing you what the full Ultimate Leanness Package includes, let me show you the most recent success story I’ve received.

Jon Ultimate Diet 2 MontageI am emailing you because I wanted to let you know about my success with the UD2 and SFS programs. I have always stayed around 12-15% body fat and have tried low carb ‘cutting’ diets in the past without much success. My body fat would drop by a couple percent but my strength would always plummet despite measuring/recording calories and macro nutrients. I also made sure to increase protein and reduce volume while cutting (as you suggest).

I first experimented with the UD2 and SFS combination in October of last year and lost 12 lbs in 7 weeks (1st attached picture) and reached my leanest point up until that time. Because of that success, I decided that I would plan to enter a men’s physique contest (something I always wanted to do). Starting in March 2014, I did a 16 week competition diet using the UD2/SFS combination and steadily went from 12% body fat down to 4.8% (2nd attached picture) while actually getting slightly stronger on the majority of my lifts. I ended up placing 4th out of 24 in the Novice Men’s Physique class (3rd and 4th attached pictures). Because of my success, I decided to enter another men’s physique competition 2 weeks later (6/28/2014) and placed 5th in the Men’s Physique Open class (5th and 6th attached pictures).

I just wanted to email you and testify that those programs do indeed work and to thank you for helping me reach my goals. I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I own 6 of your 8 books and have literally printed, read, and highlighted every physiology article on your site (7th attached picture). Also, it is nice to see that you are back and posting new articles again. When are you going to publish a 9th book??

Sorry for the lengthy email but I guess it comes naturally after reading your 500+ articles lol.

- Jon Powell, East Carolina


The Ultimate Leanness Package Includes
All of the Following Products

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 The Ultimate Diet 2.0 - An integrated system of training, diet and supplements that will allow you to lean out while maintaining or even gaining muscle and strength, while avoiding all of the metabolic issues that plague natural athletes who try to achieve single digit bodyfat levels.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about calorie partitioning, training and diet and how it impacts all of those processes as well.

The Stubborn Fat Solution

The Stubborn Fat Solution - This book will detail everything you ever wanted to know about fat cell metabolism with a focus on stubborn fat and what makes it stubborn.  You’ll learn about the physiology of stubborn fat, how hormone levels affect fat cell metabolism and much more.  Of course, the four stubborn fat protocols are the absolute best way of stripping off stubborn fat and getting to the six pack or lean hips and thighs you’ve never been able to achieve in the past.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 AddendumThe Ultimate Diet 2.0 Addendum - Over the years that the Ultimate Diet 2.0 has been in use, I’ve fielded a lot of questions about the diet and realized two major topics needed to be addressed.  So I wrote this booklet to do so.  The UD2 Addendum addresses what you should do PRIOR to using the UD2 to prepare yourself physiologically, psychologically and metabolically to get the most out of the diet.  It also addresses what to do during breaks between blocks of using the UD2.

All of the above products will be available to you for INSTANT download inside the member’s area after you make your purchase. You’ll get your own personalized password and login so that you will always be able to access your products. If your phone crashes or you lose your data, just log back in and you can download them again at any time. You can start reading today and start as soon as you’re ready.

How Much is This Full Program Worth?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably blown endless money and hundreds of dollars on worthless pills, potions or programs that did nothing but make your wallet lighter. In fact, a lot of books out there end up being nothing more than glorified supplement catalogs; the program only “works” if you buy expensive placebos that the author will be happy to sell you.

But I don’t sell supplements.  Certainly both The Ultimate Diet 2.0 and Stubborn Fat Solution have a few that can be useful and/or make the programs work better but you won’t get them from me.  The books are meant to be self-contained and there are no hidden advertisements or upsells in the book.  With the UD2 Addendum answering the remaining questions, you won’t have to buy anything else from me.

Now, I’m no longer available for personal coaching or training and, if I were, you couldn’t afford me. I do everything in my power to make my books as thorough and complete as possible so that reading them will give you all the information that you need. They represent the two decades I’ve put in the field. And that’s hard to put a price tag on.

The full package includes two full books along with the newly written Addendum (which is NOT for sale separately).

And I’m going to give it all to you for only $47.

I’m not going to waste either of our times or insult you and tell you that this is a special-one time price or that the price is going up tomorrow. We both know that’s a lie and the price is the price.   There are no tricks and:

$47 gets you everything.

That’s less than you’d pay for a month of any overpriced, but useless fat burner; it wouldn’t even give you a single hour with most personal trainers. And it’s going to get you two complete books aimed at showing you how to safely and effectively get rid of stubborn abdominal, hip and thigh fat once and for all.

Of course, you’ve heard that promise before. So let me tell you one more thing about this offer….


You Have My Personal 100%
Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeThe entire Rapid Ultimate Leanness Package, comes with a 6-week (60 day), no questions asked 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

That means that if you are dissatisfied with the program for ANY reason, or unhappy with your results, you can simply request a full refund and it will be given to you. That is my promise and my guarantee. – Lyle McDonald, Author


Purchase the Rapid Fat Loss Package

Purchase the Ultimate Diet 2.0/Stubborn Fat Bundle Now

For only $47, you’ll get the original Ultimate Diet 2.0, The Stubborn Fat Solution along with the brand new UD2 Addendum with it’s break in-cycle, full diet break, ending cycle and updated information on using the UD2 for powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

With a 60 day 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, You Have Nothing to Lose

Note: Once you’ve made your purchase, you should be taken to a download page to get your files as well as receiving an email from  1ShoppingCart with download links.  However, these sometimes get lost or spam trapped.  If they haven’t arrived within 5-10 minutes of purchase, please contact me.